To be free is to put into a world, a place, a time where freedom is made and molded by who ever deems it to be free.

Some don’t agree on same sex marriage.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t agree. It’s now a form of freedom.

Some don’t agree on “aliens” living, and having U.S. citizen babies, on U.S. soil.

It doesn’t matter if you disagree. It’s freedom inviting those wanting and waiting to be free.

Can’t get from one point of the U.S. to another with out being “harassed”?

Freedom’s protocol says it must hinder freedom for that most certain delay.

A U.S. citizen turns on the U.S. itself by working for Foreign masses?

What can one say? Even the free can seek asylum on lands considered not free.

Freedom is our strength. Freedom is also our weakness.



The Little Engine that could was once an aspiring tell of tales.

Now, a good part of the world sees a powerful engine as unnecessary and in fact harmful to the world.

Is your vehicle pulling too much fuel?

Are you using a V-6 or V-8?

Not only are we left with our conscience pulling at our hearts when we’re browsing through used and news vehicles, but we are left to feel down right inhumane for the mass use of fossil fuels.

Is oil one of the main factors on current small time wars?

We soon realize large companies feeding us stories of going green in fact do the opposite.

How can a company simply say they’re going green when load pullers & muscle cars are still their pitch?

A debate was put out among my peers and I concerning “How much are these companies funding ways of going green?”

Is it true that the Little Engine is going obsolete and it’s time to begin investing in another?

Is it time that we all realize we have hypocrites running the show and feeding us the go green way?

Is it acceptable we carry on with the green ways while others do not?

Is the world truly a dog eat dog world?

The Government is going past its debt threshold.

The solution is to cut jobs and to cut the working class salary.

The now jobless go under the Government’s wing of necessity support.

The working class must now find alternatives to cover already steady spending.

The people now dislike the Government for something they must do to save itself.

There is no correct answer.

With every breath there is life yearning to live.

With every breath we come closer to our demise.

Every step leads us towards our goal or helps us realize our goals will never be.

Each friend has something to tell us.

Each family has something to correct us on.

Our styles help others develop a standing first impression of us.

Nude is most relieving and most uncomfortable. A two edged sword.

Never again shall we see the same person as normal.

Never shall we sing the hymn of freedom.